Text 7 Feb Ehh cereal.

Well I did do some BBL today (even though my legs felt like they were melting off) I did:

-A little cardio axe

-tummy tuck

not too much, but it was something


I did reallly good with not snacking, until about 5 minutes ago when I decided that after dinner, cereal sounded really delicious. 

I always do this to myself, I do really good during the day but then at night while I’m relaxing, I feel this need to reward myself so I eat something I have been craving all week. and this week it was my granola raisin cereal with almond. Damn that was good. 

But because of that I went over on my carb intake and now feeling immense guilt. Hopefully that didn’t effect the good I have been doing today. 

My calories stayed quite low, only 791 according to caloriecount.com. So theres a plus. Tomorrow, is a big day. Tomorrow is the start of the weekend. Which means I get off track ALWAYS. but not this weekend. I MUST STAY TO IT. I know how tempting it can be to overeat, and think to myself “ohhh whatever its the weekend I’ll make up for it later” NO! everyday counts from here on. EVERY SINGLE DAY. So workout tomorrow, do some swimming or a least something!! (its been a week since you last swam..no excuses) and eat healthy! now that the cereal is gone, you have nothing to break you down. perfect :) 

Text 6 Feb Just kidding.

I am wayyyyyyyyy too sore. Stairs are my biggest challenge right now. 

I think I’ll take it easy for today. and hopefully swim tomorrow?

I dont know big test in tomorrow. gosh I have way too many excuses. bleh

Text 6 Feb DAY 1. (new)

Today, I am lacking energy, and am very sore. 

BUT, I must stick with the program here, I’ll be glad I did once I’m done. 

-Cardio Axe

-Tummy Tuck

-High and Tight (maybe) 

Diet today

Breakfast: 1/3 cup Oat bran, vanilla protein powder, almond milk

Morning snack:Apple

Lunch: 1 egg poached on top of 90 calories whole grain bread, and salsa

Dinner: tuna, carrots, broccoli, egg whites 

Text 6 Feb Wow, where did the time go.

Well it has been almost a year since I posted this…soo things have kinda changed..for the worse :P

Summer came and went, and I got super in shape (thanks to my love of rollerblading)  but then college came… Ohh yes i know what you’re thinking. 

Now i wouldn’t say I gains 15 pds, but I indeed did gain some weight. like probably 10. 

So now that the holidays are over, and spring break is in less than a month. I have been really trying to kick it into gear. Heres what my exercise consists of:

-I try to swim 3 times a week

-Do BBL as much as I can

-try to BBL calender again. Starting all over again

I’m also trying to eat healthier, and i do really well during the week BUT THE STUPID WEEKENDS ALWAYS GET ME. drinking…food is easily delivered…my friends all have super high metabolisms…I don’t…

With ith that being said, I’m glad I have realized that I have fell out of shape, and knowing that it’s not too late! So here’s to tracking my progress! 

Text 15 May Day….ummm..my bad.

Soo yeahh FAILURE. 

one whole week. didn’t do anything. i don’t even think I ate well. 

I didnt touch my brazil butt lift CD

I did run twice! 

but that was it…..it was prom week, so i guess theres an excuse?

I’m going to get back in it today.


-12 min run

-High and tight

-Tummy tuck

I’ll let all of you know if I did it or not! 

Text 9 May Day 18.

I didn’t work out today. But this time I have a LEGIT excuse, my mom works at the elementary school so i usually go to the elementary schools gym to do my BBL workouts, but the gym was closed!! so i couldn’t :( but I did go on a mile walk with my sister and mom. which was nice, and i ate better today :D 

So, I think im just hitting a rough patch, but at least I’m keeping it real with myself. And i understand the consequences that come from not working out…and they are not acceptable. I WILL, do this. 

I just need to stop taking my sweet precious time. 

Text 9 May DAY 16&17.

ummmmm….i dont know what happened. but I lost all motivation for these 2 days. Well I actually know what happened, i started eating badly, (not like how i should) and when it came to the time i was suppose to work out. i just couldnt do it. Instead I baked cookies (vegan Banana everything cookies, soo goood!) and lemon bars.


Sooo I basically did everything wrong. I was so proud of my self for being goo don the weekends and then i blow it during monday and tuesday.whatevs, Ill keep trying!!

thanks for everyone who is following me too! i need the support :D …obviously^^ 

Photo 6 May 1 note Peanut Butter and Jelly Protein Bars.
Yes please!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Protein Bars.

Yes please!

Link 6 May 51 Fastest Fat Burners»
Text 6 May 1 note DAY 15.

I did it! FINALLY!!

I completed a whole weekend without going off track.wow. I honestly didn’t think i could do it. I mean i did eat a somewhat not “healthy” meal saturday for cinco de mayo, but i worked out right after it :D

and for today, I was not going to work out..i was tired, unmotivated, and just wanted to sit and eat for the whole day. But i got my butt up from off the couch and worked out :)

I did the usual (i know i probably shouldn’t) “Tummy tuck” and “High&tight”, except i had to do like a mini version of it cause i was pressed for time. well looks like i should probably switch up my workouts, i think tomorrow i will do the “scult” even though i hate it so much. haha

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